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About the boys

TBOJJ is a four-piece gang, with drummer Braeden Sharp, Cam Espina holding down bass/guitar, Lane Brohm on guitar and Seamus Lynch handling vocals and most lyrics, with all band members contributing to the sonics. Although just recently out of high school, The Bones Of Jim Jones have been making music together in one form or another for several years.

TBOJJ have since then been thrashing their way through the folk-drenched backwaters of Haliburton County, Ontario, creating a sound that leans more towards The White Stripes or Ministry with just a sprinkle of Tom Waits for flavor. 

The band released their first single Loverboy in 2019. With new songs in tow, they relocated to Montreal for several days this past August to record their first full-lengther, The Mess We Made. According to Lynch, The Mess We Made works lyrically as an allegory for small-town life as having cult-like structures, in that everybody knows your name, secrecy is a sham and very little goes unnoticed. The album follows the story of Wallace, a fellow caught up in the madness of a cult and his eventual escape/redemption. A follow-up project, Mad Dogs & Bed Bugs, is just now starting to come together.

Written by Ron Evans for The Big Take-Over 

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